Creating Online Profiles

There are several different types of online profiles you can create: Google Scholar ResearchGate.Net OrcID Twitter Google Scholar Written by Michael Gottlieb. Last updated May 23, 2021. Google Scholar provides an easy way to showcase your publications, allowing you and others to track your research. This also increases your research presence, making it easier for

From General Question to Research Question

Research interests vs research questions A research project starts with a well-built research question. This question needs to be structured such that a study can answer the question. This means you need to specify to some detail who and what you’ll be looking at. In this process, compromises will be made. There are two tools

Finding Your Niche

Amal Mattu gave a talk over a decade ago titled “Finding Your Niche in EM.” I can’t remember all the details, but I remember it was brilliant. He described how he volunteered to drive all his department’s speakers to the airport so he could have some one-on-one time to talk with them. Dr. Sam Ko

CITI Program Training

Before you can even get into the Rush Research Portal, you’ll need to finish research ethics and compliance training via the CITI Program website. This is an external site but Rush has an affiliation with them. Use your Registration If you don’t already have an account, select “Register” from the main page. On the following

Anatomy and Physiology of Clinical Research

This is the first in several planned blog posts on the basics of research heavily borrowing from Hulley’s “Designing Clinical Research.” Embedded within these chapter notes are examples from our experience. Hulley starts where most of us in healthcare are already comfortable: Anatomy and Physiology. In this metaphor, Anatomy describes how research is constructed. Physiology

Using the Rush IRB Site

Written by Kasia Gore, MD; last updated May 19, 2021 This guide will help you enter the Rush IRB site and submit your research proposal. You’ll need to have completed your IRB and CITI training before you’ll be given access to this site. Step 1: Log into the Rush IRB portal Click onto the link

Research Introduction at Rush EM

Welcome to the Rush Department of Emergency Medicine Research Faculty Development Group. The aim of this group is to (a) find a better name and (b) guide interested faculty through the steps of taking an idea through the steps of the research process and ultimately resulting in dissemination of the work. Alone this is a