This course takes place in the Emergency Department as an avenue for you to get reacquainted with clinical patient care. We are focusing on two objectives.


Objective Didactics/Resources Assessments
Efficiently present a patient seen in the Emergency Department EMRA+CDEM video on how to present in the ER Oral Presentation Checklist
Write a good H&P CDEM Documentation in the ED Written Presentation Checklist

Review the didactics/resources prior to your first shift.

Course Requirements

Download a Google Doc as either a PDF or Word from the File Menu. Select

Download a Google Doc as either a PDF or Word from the File Menu. Select “Download As” then pick which format you prefer.

You’ll work three shifts of  4-hours each. For each shift,

  • you’ll present two patients to the attending with whom you’ve been assigned. This will be someone the attending has already seen. Print a copy of the Oral Presentation Checklist and give it to the attending before you present. When you’re done, collect that.
  • You’ll write up one patient using the Written Presentation Checklist. Download a copy as a Google Doc or Word document, then write your presentation within the document. Send a copy of that to the attending when you’re done.

Keep copies of everything and send a copy to Karmen D Howard, the department education coordinator.

Weekly Narrative

At the end of each week, complete the following narrative form. Reflect upon what went well, what is still challenging and what you’d do differently from here on out.

End of Course Checklist

So by the end of the rotation you should have turned in:

  • 6 oral presentation checklists
  • 3 H&P evaluations
  • 1 weekly narratives (completed online)