We hope you find your rotation in the Rush University Medical Center Emergency Department an educational experience. To set you up for success we have put together several resources for you. The orientation should take you no more than 10 minutes and is well worth your time to avoid frustration on your first few shifts.

There are 4 steps toward EM rotation enlightenment – please be sure to complete each step prior to attesting you have viewed all the material at the end of this post. We look forward to working with you during your month in the Emergency Department.

STEP 1. How to make schedule requests

We know that this is your biggest concern so let’s sort this out right away. Your number of shifts in the department will depend on the length of your rotation in the emergency department.  Most residents will have 2 week rotations during which they will complete 9 shifts.  All shifts are 9 hours in length.

For each 2 week rotation you may submit a maximum of 2 requests (4 for a full block rotation). Please also let us know which rotations you are coming from, and going to, surrounding your ED rotation, so that we may appropriately schedule you in the ED. Any didactic requirements (board review, retreats, etc.) that you expect to attend must also be submitted prior to the start of the rotation.

Schedule requests are due at least 6 weeks before the start of the block. Please note that we schedule an entire block at once, so if you are rotating in the second half of a block, that means your requests are actually due 8 weeks before you start! We will try to accommodate your preferences as possible but if multiple residents request the same dates, then seniority and timeliness of your schedule request will determine resident shift assignment. The final schedule will be posted on the master shift schedule (link coming).

Submit your schedule requests here

STEP 2. Overview of the Department

This video will help you get oriented to the ED. Please keep in mind that the evaluation system is different than what is mentioned in the video.

STEP 3: Additional Documents to Review

STEP 4. Complete your EPIC Training

Your online EPIC training will be assigned to you in LEAP about 2 weeks prior to the start of the rotation. This is mandatory, as it gives you additional access than you have previously experienced on the floors and in clinic. This must be completed at least 2 days prior to your first shift and you cannot start in the ED until your EPIC access is activated.

Once you have completed this orientation module, please acknowledge your understanding of the material. Any questions can be directed to our coordinator Julie Mendez at julie_mendez@rush.edu or Dr. Hexom at braden_hexom@rush.edu. We look forward to having you in the ED!

Rotation Contacts:

Course Director
Braden Hexom, MD

Residency Coordinator
Julie Mendez