Welcome to your rotation in the Rush Emergency Department. We’re trying to make some of the orientation process easier for you by placing all the resources online here.  This will take you no more than 10 minutes and is well worth your time to avoid frustration on your first few shifts.  There are 5 steps toward EM rotation orientation enlightenment below – please be sure to complete each step prior to attesting you have viewed all the material at the end of this post.  We look forward to working with you during your month in the Emergency Department.

STEP 1. An Overview of the Department



Finally there are dedicated Resident lockers in the locker room adjacent to the radiology department by the administrative offices in the southeast corner of the department. These will be shared lockers so please refrain from leaving anything valuable. Also it is a co-ed locker room with dedicated male and female bathrooms so please use these for changing. There will be no storage of personal items elsewhere in the department so please make use of the locker rooms. Also please remember there are no beverages or food allowed in the clinical areas of the department – this will be strictly enforced. The locker numbers and combinations are listed on the master calendar schedule: