Dental fractures are always fun. Luckily we have a Dental Box available in the Emergency Department. Here are some instructional videos shown today. These will be stored in Pod A. Thanks to Dr. Vishnu Pandurangadu for the inservice on these tools and for the videos.

Stabilizing Teeth

If a tooth is loose (subluxed) or out (lured), you may need to stabilize it with bridge made of Coe- Pak periodontal paste. Make sure your gloves are wet and the teeth are dry.

Displaced Crown, Fillings or Veneers

If a filling comes out or a crown comes off, you can use the Temerex Cement to stick it back on. Again keep the tooth surface dry.

Fractured Teeth

If a patient has a broken teeth, especially if the dentin or root is exposed, you’ll need to cover it for comfort and to preserve the tooth.

How to Place an Ear Wick

Taking care of dental caries with Temerex Dental adhesive

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