This post is part of a series on how to create an online didactics curriculum for our residency education during the COVID-19 crisis. 

In the previous post, we went over how to set up Zoom on your laptop using your Rush credentials. I recommend you do that first and then come back to this post, but it’s probably not necessary (i.e., if you don’t have a laptop). Now let’s look at the same process for your smartphone.

This is for iPhone, if someone wants to send screenshots for Android, I’m happy to post it. 

1. Go to the App Store and search for the Zoom app. There may be many things with the Zoom name, so look for something called “ZOOM Cloud Meetings” or has the icon shown below.

01 Zoom App Store Search Zoom

2. Select that app and then click download. Since it’s already on my phone, it displays “open.” This app should be free.

02 Zoom App Store Zoom

3. Once the app downloads, tap on it to run it. The first screen you get gives you the option to “Sign In.” Pick that.

03 Zoom App Sign in

4. Next you’ll get a screen like below. Since I already have an account, it had pre-filled in my email (yours probably won’t). Doesn’t matter, pick “Sign in with SSO” instead.

04 Zoom App SSO

5. Next pops up a place to type in your company domain. Type “rush” then press “go.”

05 Zoom App domain

6. It’ll take you to a screen to sign in with your organizational account much like we did when signing in on the laptop. Enter your Rush credentials here. I think you can use your email or EPIC ID (rpatwari in my case). If you’re logging in from a non-Rush network and using your EPIC ID, you may need to put a RUSH\ in front of your EPIC ID. Note that the slash is a back-slash.

06 Zoom App SSO login

7. Next you’ll need to select Zoom from the “Sign in to one of the following sites” dropdown.

07 Zoom App pick Zoom

8. Then it took me to a very 1996-looking web page. About halfway down that page it says “Sign In with SSO” and “Launch Zoom.” Mine didn’t automatically launch so I had to click the Launch Zoom link.

08 Zoom App Launch Zoom

9. Then it prompted me to open Zoom.

09 Zoom App Open Zoom

10. Finally Zoom opens and I’m logged in.

10 Zoom App Launched


I logged in and took screenshots along the way. If your process is different, please let me know and I can correct this.

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