Before you can even get into the Rush Research Portal, you’ll need to finish research ethics and compliance training via the CITI Program website. This is an external site but Rush has an affiliation with them. Use your


If you don’t already have an account, select “Register” from the main page. On the following page you’ll need to pick your organization affiliation. If you start typing “Rush” in the box the rest of the name pops up. Check off the two agreements and then continue to create your CITI Program username and password.

We have an affiliation with CITI Programs already, so be sure to pick Rush.

Follow the rest of the steps to complete your registration. It should be fairly easy.

Selecting Courses

The next page allows you to view the courses that Rush offers. If you have another institution (then aren’t you fancy), then you can add those here to see what courses that place may offer in addition to Rush. Otherwise select “View Courses.”

CITI Programs entry to available courses. Just push the blue button.

If you have courses already in progress, they will be listed here. Otherwise select “Add a Course.”

This takes you to a 12 question quiz that will help you determine for which courses you need to register. Enroll in the ones it tells you to, then go through the courses and take the quizzes. You’ll earn a certificate at the end