If you’re ready to jump in to try reading some EKG’s, here are Twelve ECG’s (but only 11 cases) for you to practice your ECG skills upon. There’s also an EKG worksheet at this link.

11 Answers

Here are the answers to the EKG’s. Try them on your own first. If you have difficulty then watch these. The first video goes through a lot of of the details on how to read an EKG. So that one is longer. The rest just go through the finer points of each EKG.

  1. EKG 1
  2. EKG 2
  3. EKG 3
  4. EKG 4
  5. EKG 5
  6. EKG 6
  7. EKG 7
  8. EKG 8
  9. EKG 9
  10. EKG 10
  11. EKG 11

ECG 101

If you need help with the basics, watch the ECG 101 series of videos.

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