EBM Project

For your EBM project we’ll be following the four steps of EBM. More information can be found at theEBMproject website. ASK a clinical question ACQUIRE the evidence APPRAISE the paper APPLY it to your patient For the assignment we’ll go through all four components. 1. ASK a question In the first week of the rotation,

Presenting in the ER

“…no matter how much compassion and warmth I may have with my patients, my superiors grade me more on how polished I am, how well crafted my presentation is.”

– Fourth-year medical student

As unfair as it may be, your clinical grade in most of your rotations will be based on how well you present your patients. It’s very unlikely that we watch you do your physical exam or observe your interaction with the patient. It all comes down to that short performance. So why not be great at that game?


Dear Faculty, Year after year, students say that the EM rotation is one of their favorite clinical experiences largely due to your efforts. Thank you. This page is meant to orient you to our fourth-year rotation. First, please take a moment to review our rotation’s objectives. These track back to Rush Medical College’s objectives. These